Saturday, June 23, 2012

This Is My Rifle Part 2

I've started adding a few cool parts I picked up at to the new lower receiver I posted about the other day. First off is an FDE Magpul CTR stock, probably my favorite AR-15 stock. It's light, functional, and the friction-lock is absolutely bomber. Next is a Troy Rear Battlesight, which is the benchmark for backup sights on AR-15's. I've also got a cool set of LWRC skirmish sights that I may end up using. I havent officially decided yet. I also added a matching FDE Magpul MOE Plus pistol grip to continue the Dark Earth theme I am going with on this rifle. Last, but not least, and not exclusive to this rifle, is a little something I'd hinted at earlier in the week. I can't wait to use it though!!

Be safe and see you next time!

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