Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Training with Purpose

I'm a firm believer in having goals and purpose when you set out to shoot and train. Not only does this save time and ammo, but it keeps you focused as you shoot. Proper training is CRUCIAL if your life, your brother-in-arms life, or a victim's life depends on your actions. If you've seen the T-shirts available at StrongsideTactical.com, then you know what this statement means:

"Amateurs train to get it right; professionals train to never get it wrong...."

When I get the rare opportunity to go out and run drills or train, I have a specific order of drills and shots in mind. I plan out each round of ammo (more or less). For instance, 20 rounds to warm up; 20 rounds of double-taps; 5 rounds of the 2-2-2 drill; etc. I like to keep my mags loaded for the specific number of rounds i'm going to shoot in that drill, meaning I hardly ever load 28 or 30 rounds in a mag. That just tempts me to waste rounds. (Why 28 rounds you ask, I'm going to do an in-depth post on this soon....)

I use a timer for drills like starting at the low-ready and firing one shot on the target in order to speed up the process of getting on target. I also like to use a timer to practice reloads.

An example of using a timer to train....

 As you can see above, I like to use video when I shoot. This allows me to review what I do well what I do poorly. Watching videos of some of the 3-gun matches I have competed in is especially good for me, because it shows me what I do under stress. Repetitive (correct) training will allow you to perform proper maneuvers under stress.

Now here is my disclaimer. The foundation for all of this should be proper instruction. Take classes from qualified instructors. Don't rely on YouTube videos or tactical DVD's or what you see on TV as your basis for training. If you learn wrong, you're going to train wrong. So enroll in a good carbine or handgun class, and get the fundamentals; then go out and employ some of the tips I have written about here.

Be safe and have fun...see you next time.

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