Monday, August 20, 2012

Time To Pick A Trigger?

Oh. So. Good. And it drops right in........
Is a top-notch trigger part of your "Essential Carbine"? Hopefully you've put enough rounds through your standard USGI trigger to get proficient with the single-stage design, and if you're like me, you've grown to dislike the grittiness and steep 8 pounds of pull to break the USGI trigger. Believe me, it gets the job done. It's been doing that for 50 years. But, you're torturing yourself. Help is on the way after the jump.

If you like the single-stage feel of the USGI AR-15 trigger, there's no better drop-in replacement than the CMC Single Stage Drop-In Trigger Group. Clicking the link will take you to the CMC 4.5 pound Law Enforcement Trigger Group, a perfect blend of light trigger pull and reliability. This trigger has a crisp, clean break at 4.5 pounds, no take-up or grittiness, and no over-travel. Reset is quick for follow-up shots or doubles. CMC labels this trigger "Law Enforcement" because it has a slightly heavier weight-of-pull than its 3.5lb Competition Trigger Group. If you're a LE guy whose department has restrictions on duty weapons, this may be the perfect AR-15 trigger for you. Some departments place restrictions on what parts can be exchanged within the internals of your duty weapon, including such characteristics as single-stage pull or a minimum weight-of-pull. The CMC 4.5 LE Trigger group was designed around those characteristics.

Install takes less than 30 seconds. Literally.
If you routinely carry an AR-15 for duty or are required to qualify with one for your department, then you understand what absolute reliability means and you're weapon should always be ready to be used for self-defense. The CMC trigger meets all these standards. I have one in EVERY one of my AR-15's; for competition, home defense, and fun. Check out the CMC 4.5lb LE Trigger Group, as well as the 3.5lb comeptition Trigger Group, at today.

If you're interested in seeing the CMC trigger installed, as well as in action on the range, check out these videos on the StrongsideTactical Youtube Channel.

Be safe and see you next time.

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