Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Customizing Your Rifle

Let The Building Begin......

Over on the Strongside Tactical Facebook Page, there is a good discussion going on about building custom AR-15 rifles. Whether you're into SBR's, SPR's, 14.5's, or any of the million configurations of this awesome rifle platform, building a custom rifle is one of the most fun experiences you can have. (and if you havent't already clicked the LIKE button on the FB page, why haven't you?)

I am currently in the midst of two building projects, both of which I am going to highlight on the StrongSide Tactical Youtube Channel. I've covered my SBR build pretty well so far, and currently I am in the NFA paperwork waiting stage (which is no picnic). My second build is a little easier and involved shedding some weight on my primary 3-gun rifle. I'll cover all the hairy details in a future post about the build.

Today I wanted to mention another tactical tip which can help all of you if you are planning on custom building an AR-15 platform rifle. Removal of the Front Sight Post is one of the most common procedures performed while custom building upper receivers. There are some tools involved, and if it's your first time, you'll want to take your time and protect your upper receiver group from unwanted damage.

To see me remove my front sight post step-by-step, check out this video from the SSTac Youtube channel:

Be safe and see you next time.


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