Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Final Verdict: Vortex Razor Red Dot Optic

The verdict is in.............

This past weekend I had 2 days to flog the Vortex Razor Red Dot and put it through it's paces both up close in a CQB type setting and further out at the "limits of a red dot". Contrary to popular belief in the AR world, unmagnified red dots are more than capable of intermediate to long range accuracy. And the Vortex Razor passes with flying colors. Impressions and video footage you WILL NOT want to miss, after the jump..............

I highlighted the Razor on this table-top review before taking my gear out to the farm to initiate it into my arsenal. I have nothing but positive comments to say about the Razor. It is incredibly small, light, easy to mount and adjust, has a pristine, clear 3-MOA dot, and a wide-open field of view. But this was pretty much the limit of evaluation I could do inside the house. So this past weekend, it was time to shoot.

My plan for evaluation here was simple. First, mount the optic and get a good zero. Normally, I prefer a 100 yard zero for all my optics, but in this case I chose a 50 yard zero because I planned on testing the optic using the Modified Navy Qual drill, a drill popularized by Jeff Gonzales of Trident Concepts. This drill is shot at the 50 yard mark and I did not want to have a hold-off, given this is a timed drill. So I zeroed for 50 yards. I then shot the Modified Navy Qual drill, and was VERY IMPRESSED with the results. I won't divulge them here, but let's just say you'll see the video evidence very soon. I then moved further back to 100 yards and shot a couple magazines lying prone at my 12 inch metal plate. This is my favorite target to shoot at my farm because you get immediate feedback and it feels great to here it ring from several hundred yards out. Then, unfortunately, darkness came and I had to put off the rest of the evaluation until the next day. My father and I also had to do some work to our shooting range, in the form of rebuilding our target area and repairing the metal plate, since I broke it. The next morning, I flogged the Vortex in a Close-Quarters-Combat drill, the VTAC 1/2 and 1/2 drill. This is one of my favorite drills, as it requires speed and accuracy. I completed this drill a couple times as well before deciding I had the data I needed.

So given that evaluation process, here are my impressions:

1. This thing is LIGHT and FAST! You literally do not feel any added weight to the top of the rifle, the rifle is perfectly balanced, and you can swing the muzzle and drive the rifle easily. Compared to one of the previous optics I was using in 3-gun, the Aimpoint M2, the Razor is a dream. The weight of the M2 was noticeable, the Razor seems like it isn't even there.
2. The FIELD OF VIEW is WIDE-OPEN! I liken using this sight to using iron sights. Light, wide-open view, easy to see your targets, except you have the advantage of not having to squint through a rear peep-hole. Both eyes open is key for the Razor. There is no bulky aluminum body around the glass, as with the Aimpoint M2 I mentioned earlier. Nothing obstructs your target.
3. Target acquisition is FAST! The 3-MOA is small enough for pin-point accuracy and big enough to turn up the brightness and just swing the muzzle to center-mass for quick hits. This sight really does it all. CQB rapid shooting, or intermediate distance precision shooting. Either is more than easy with the Razor.
4. For a red dot, it is REALLY ACCURATE! My zeroing shot groups were 1.5 MOA at 25 yards. (from a rest, faily slow fire) At 100 yards in prone position resting on the magazine only, I collected 24 out of 24 hits on the 12 inch metal plate. In all honesty, that's tough to do with a variable power rifle scope. But the 1X unmagnified Razor with a 3MOA dot does it easily.
5. The ADM mount is ROCK SOLID. I think this mount is pretty much required business with this optic. It is quick-detach and rock-solid. I took the optic off my rail after zeroing, and then re-attached it later with NO CHANGE IN ZERO. All my shots returned to the exact same point of impact. That's hard to do, there are only a couple mounts on the market I feel are capable of this kind of consistency. ADM is one. If you get the Razor, GET THIS MOUNT!

If you couldn't tell, I am super-excited about this optic, and it will most definitely be the optic atop my upcoming SBR build. As for now, it will get work on my 3-gun rig. If you haven't check it out yet, stop by and order one today, and be sure to include that ADM mount!

And stop by my Youtube Channel to see up close what this Vortex Razor will do!

Be safe and see you next time.