Monday, December 10, 2012

Here comes Santa Claus......

I'm gonna shoot somebody's eye 400 yards!
What is Santa bringing you this year? Hopefully it's "black" and not in the shape of coal. For myself, I must admit I am dreaming of a black Christmas. Here are some items on my Tactical Christmas list.....What's on yours?

3 Gun Gear - a new CR High-Torque competition gear belt (probably from myself), a new sidearm (most likely a Glock 34), possibly a shotgun (Browning new A5 or a Mossberg JM Pro 24), more Arredondo mag extensions

AR Gear - more vital parts for the ultimate Strongsidetactical 3-gun build! (more to come on this beast as parts arrive!!)

Youtube gear - a new tripod (from myself), and at some point a new HD camcorder

Training - a Larry Vickers Carbine class in April 2013! (from my wife!)

Good luck with Santa! Hope you've all been nice this year!


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