Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Eye Candy 2013 (SHOT SHOW)

A wall full of steel.....and polymer.

SHOW Show 2013 is bumping right along. Although, I'm having to observe from afar this year, there are some pretty cool new products showing up out there. I'm still waiting for my big WOW moment, but so far here are some things that have piqued my interest:

The Glock 30S: a 10 round sub-compact .45 ACP. The magazine is still (*SIGH*) double-stacked. The long awaited single stack Glock is still YET-TO-BE.

Trackingpoint Fire Control System: the scope transmits the image to a smartphone or Ipad app for a heads up display. This is insanely sick. Can you imagine dialing up 1000 yard shots on your iPhone? Holy crapola.

Daniel Defense ISR: standing for Integrally Suppressed Rifle. The permanently attached suppressor makes the 10.3" barrel legal length at 16.1". Only one tax stamp required (the suppressor). Shoots .300 blackout and I can imagine the recoil is pretty nil. This is Daniel Defense's first suppressor on the market.

Surefire Products: Mini-556 Suppressor, 4000 lumen Annihilator, 2000 lumen Dominator, 700 lumen Peacekeeper, P3X and P2X Fury weapon lights, X300V weapon light, X400-GN weapon light/laser combo, X400V-IR weapon light/IR device,  DSF shotgun forend

Springfield Armory: I'm a Springfield 1911 fan, not as much of a fan of the XD line of pistols. But the XDS 9mm looks neat, a sub-compact single-stack 9mm to compete with the pocket .380's of the world.

More to come later on SHOT show 2013. Can't wait to see what the Magpul booth has to offer.

Be safe and see you next time.

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