Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How Much Are You Practicing?

At home, you're always at the range........

An interesting point came up in a conversation between me and my local gun shop guy Scott the other day. Scott is not your typical LGS guy. He really knows his stuff. He shoots local matches and is always at the top of the leaderboard. I seriously enjoy talking guns and shooting with him. We were talking about home gun mods the other day when he told me a story about some guy who walked into the store one day bragging on and on about the paint job he had put on his AR-15 that he completed in only 5 hours. After one of the shop employees had heard enough, he finally replied "How many hours did you spend shooting last week? How many hours did you spend dry firing?". After the guy replied with,  "None.", the conversation quickly ended.

I think that illustrates an important point. We all get caught up with new accessories and mods and things that can make our guns shoot faster and straighter. But are you keeping up your end of the bargain? With ammo scarce and expensive, it's harder than ever to get to the range.

This brings the practice of dry firing and practicing weapons manipulations such as mag changes and malfunction clearances to the forefront of this conversation. It's easier than ever to dry fire in your living room. Anyone who participates in competitions should be practicing at home weekly if not daily.

I've got a couple of tips to make your practice at home easier. The first is about tactical shotgun reloads for those of you who participate in 3-gun competition. Check out the link below as I review reloading techniques using dummy-rounds at home.

Tactical Shotgun Reloading Techniques

Be safe and see you next time.

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