Thursday, March 21, 2013

Home Defense Shotguns

Part of being "tactical" is knowing when to be on offense and when to be on defense. While we spend time with our family at home, we're primarily in defensive mode. At any time, you and your family should be prepared for a worst case scenario if someone were to invade your home and attempt to do harm to your family.

At my house, we have a plan on what to do if that should happen. We have a chosen room to go to and set up defense. I also have strategically placed defense weapons throughout the house so that me or my family members are not caught off guard should the unthinkable happen.

Currently, my "Go-To" home defense weapon would be my shotgun. Specifically, my Mossberg 930. This the gun that I shoot in 3-gun competitions, and it has a 12 shot capacity. My chosen rounds for home defense are 00 Buckshot, which effectively is like having 9 .380 rounds in one package (00 buck shot are .33 caliber). I also employ a Streamlight Polytac, an inexpensive but very bright LED light. Effective lighting puts the advantage on your side in a one-on-one encounter.

The reasons why I choose the shotgun for home defense are simple: It's easy to learn and use for novice shooters (like your wife or older children), the probability of effective hits are higher with a long gun and multiple projectiles than a handgun, and I have a large magazine capacity for multiple threats.

Keep in mind, in an extended engagement you should have access to another firearm like a handgun or rifle, unless you feel comfortable reloading a shotgun under stress. I think for the majority of people, this is not the case unless you are a competitive shotgunner.

Rack the slide and watch them flee!

All in all, the shotgun holds its place as the ideal home defense weapon in my book. Used effectively, it offers the ultimate in close quarters defense. Many top quality tactical shotguns are available from companies such as FNH, Remington, and Mossberg, etc. Check out today to find your tactical shotgun and set up a perimeter inside your home.

Be safe and see you next time.

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