Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tactical Movies

Great, great movie.
So do you get tired of seeing Hollywood abuse the way handguns and tactical rifles are supposed to be used? I mean, how many more times are we going to have to see somebody holding an airsoft Glock sideways and "cappin' somebody"?

Thank goodness there are a few really accurate, and really great military movies out lately. I've seen a few, and just wanted to highlight them here. If you haven't seen them, check them out:

Act of Valor (2012): A Navy Seal team is ordered to rescue a captive CIA agent, and in the process hunts down and eliminates a group of terrorists. This movie is great because the actors are really Navy Seals. Some of the action scenes here are as real as it gets. I am a particular fan of the weapons manipulations and gear. To me, the best scene in the movie is when Rorke sacrifices himself for his team. There wasn't a dry eye at my house during that scene. Everyone should have to watch this movie to see what some of our guys go through and what the word "dedication" means to them.

Zero Dark Thirty (2012): A dramatization of the take-down of Osama Bin Laden. This pretty much says it all, and recreating a 2 hour mission to take down OBL would have been good enough for me. They add some drama and backstory by focusing on a female CIA officer who dedicates many years to gathering data on the Al-Qaeda leader. A must watch simply because this will be the biggest war-time story of our lifetime most likely.

Murph the Protector (2013): I've yet to see this one as it was released in limited engagements this week. This is the true back-story to Navy Seal LT Michael Murphy, who died protecting his fellow Seals in 2005. The only survivor of the battle that killed Murphy was Marcus Lutrell, whose story of survival has been well documented in his book and speaking tour. I'm really excited to see this movie about a courageous and brave man who gave his life for his brothers.

BlackHawk Down (2001): The best wartime movie and most accurate depiction of all time, arguably. Widely regarded as a really great military movie. If the story of Gary Gordon and Randy Shughart doesn't get your pumped, you need to re-evaluate yourself. Their voluntary rescue of pilot Mike Durant is the stuff of legend. I still VIVIDLY remember going to the movies and watching this movie. It was one of the first "dates" me and my now wife went on when we were in college. I didn't appreciate the movie then like I do now. This one deserves a place in every persons DVD collection.


Rambo: First Blood (1982): I was one year old when this movie came out. But I've probably watched it a hundred times on TV. Pretty much every time it comes on, I watch. There just is no badder Bad-Ass than John Rambo, and the sight of him holding an M60 with one arm, biceps burning, and churning out 600 rounds of death makes your testosterone boil. No miltary movie list is complete without Rambo. Prove me wrong.

Now you've got something to kick back and do after you hit the range this weekend. Pick out one of these fine big-screen masterpieces and enjoy!

Be safe and see you next time.

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