Monday, April 1, 2013

Handstop Review #1: Gear Sector

Gear Sector Handstop

WHO: Gear Sector, manufacturer of high quality, military grade weapons components and accessories such as grips, light mounts, optic mounts, slings and sling attachments, etc.
WHAT: Gear Sector Handstop, a small, CNC-machined aluminum handstop which attaches securely to a 1913 picatinny rail with a hex-key screw. One side is "smooth" and comfortable against the palm of the hand, the other flattened and "sharp" which is ideal for support against barricades. The Gear sector handstop retails for around $40.
WHEN: I have been employing the Gear Sector handstop for 5 months now on a mid-length AR-15 rifle.
WHERE: This handstop has been employed in 3-gun competition over my time using it.
  • The Skinny: I really like the gear sector over a couple other handstops/forward grips I have used. It is incredibly comfortable, lightweight, and produces a "bite" into a barricade should you need it. I have pretty much exclusively moved to handstops from vertical grips and the Magpul AFG. Those types of grips are just too heavy and bulky for my use. I think the Gear sector is one of my top choices for a rail-mount forward weapon control device. The downside of this handstop is if you are using a tube-style free float rail. When using the Gear Sector with my Samson Evolution rail, I had to install one of the short picatinny rail sections on the bottom of the rail to install it. This left an appreciable, sharp "ledge" on the bottom of the rail as well as adding some unnecessary weight to the muzzle of the rifle. While this is not a deal breaker, a direct mount to the newer style tube-rails would be perfect. Also, it is a bit pricey for a tiny piece of "rail estate."
FINAL WORD: 8 out of 10 (preferred), with points off for price and picatinny mount-only.

My Rating System (out of 10)
1-4: Do Not Buy. Complete or near-complete trash
5-6 : Would take for free from a friend
7: Would buy and take a flyer on/would give to a friend
8: Preferred, would happily buy
9: Preferred, would pre-order or anxiously await release
10: Must-have, would troll Equipment Exchange and/or sign up for email alerts in order to procure

Be safe and see you next time.

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  1. Hey man great review. I'm sold now but I was wondering..Do you think magpul's ladder rail covers would take up the appreciable ledge issue? Im looking for a near seamless transition from rail to handstop. I've considered a few brands because they taper off considerably but are never completely what I'm qlooking for. True North makes a handstop that looks to be nearly flush once mounted and if necessary maybe a thin railscale to make that transition less "appreciable."

    I'd love to know before I "pull the trigger." Haha