Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Getting Your Bipod On

Well, hello there.........
Full feature coming up, but I wanted to throw down some quick hitters about this battle-proven bipod. The Atlas has been in use in combat for years now, and is hands down the most bomb-proof, reliable, and maneuverable bipod available for combat rifles.

  • This thing is rugged as hell, and has consistently outlasted competitors in real combat use (Harris, etc.)
  • Fully customizeable rotation of both legs individually, meaning you can come up with any number of combinations for different terrain and shooting positions.
  • Each leg deploys individually via a spring loaded button at the top of the leg
  • Picatinny mount (ADM) integrated into the Bipod, which saves having to buy an expensive sling mount adapter; transfers from rifle to rifle almost instantly with the integrated ADM mount
  • Positive, secure clicks on legs when extending to different heights
  • Lighter than competitors (Harris) while maintaining more robust legs and feet for stability
  • Canting the legs forward (as pictured above) eliminates the need to load the bipod, which is an integral part of shooting with a bipod accurately
  • Initially will deploy slower than competitors (Harris) due to having to deploy each leg separately, but the saved weight and familiarity with the deployment of the Atlas will negate this after some use.
  • Preferred over at snipershide.com, which means a lot to me

I'm gonna put this thing through the ringer and it will handle what I throw at it and much more. Videos coming. Stay tuned.

Be safe and see you next time.

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