Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The "New" Strongside Tactical

Bullpups don't suck. Just FYI.

In case you hadn't noticed, StrongsideTactical.com has undergone some small changes lately. What once was a small online presence offering Teir-1 rifles and accessories has now blossomed into a force of tactical rifles, handguns, shotguns, and all things associated. You can now completely build an AR-15, set up a tactical 3-gun shotgun, find a new carry/duty handgun, outfit your rifle with optics; all by visiting Strongside Tactical. Strongside aims to provide high-quality weapons systems and accessories on the cutting edge of today's technology. For instance, Strongside has recently taken JP Rifles products into the fold and will soon offer complete rifles, some of the most sought-after competition AR-15 rifles available.

Just take one look at the IWI Tavor above and you can see Strongside's dedication to bringing it's customers the newest and innovative QUALITY products in the tactical world. Quality being the operative word. If it's used by our (or Israel's) military and it's been proven to get the job done, you can most likely get it here.

Personally, I started out as a small Youtube channel director who posted shooting videos of me ringing steel with an AR. Blogging and posting for Strongside Tactical has allowed me to immerse myself in writing and producing content about shooting 3-GUN and building rifles, both of which are a sincere passion of mine.

StrongsideTactical.com is really taking off, and I think if you stay tuned you're going to see a couple of REALLY cool developments coming across the pipeline soon. Hint. Hint. Join the Facebook group. Subscribe to the Youtube Channel. Follow the Twitter. Those connected are always rewarded. Trust me.

Be safe and see you next time.

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