Friday, August 10, 2012

Do You Know LWRC?

Mmmm. FDE. Me Likey.

One of my first Blog Posts here was about the ongoing Army Individual Carbine competition for the supposed successor to the M4. Shockingly, the successor to the M4 may ultimately be the M4. Not that it's a bad thing entirely, but technology is evolving, and some of the coolest developments are taking place at LWRC International. Strongside Tactical is the premeire LWRC dealer in Colorado and it's neighboring states and offers all current offerings in the M6 piston-driven line of rifles from LWRC. Piston-driven carbines offer some distinct advantages over the classic direct gas impingment system originally designed by Eugene Stoner, to include cooler operation, cleaner internal operating environment, improved reliability, better handling and reduced recoil.

Check out the new offering from LWRC which will be available any time now: The LWRC M6-IC. The M6-IC is a semi-auto version of LWRC's entry into the carbine competition. New features include:
  • Fully Ambidextrous Lower Receiver with dual controls for safety, bolt catch, and mag release
  • 2 position short-stroke piston gas block for Normal and Suppressed Fire
  • User custom-configurable rail system with newly machined and integrated upper receiver
  • Cerakote finish (non-IR cerakoting available for military applications only)
  • 14.7" spiral fluted barrel accepts all underslung attachments
For the initial run of rifles, Flat Dark Earth will be the only color available (fine by me!) and will be available in 5.56 caliber. Stock weight is a crisp 6.9 pounds unloaded!

The M6-IC will be available at as soon as it is released to the public, and as with all LWRC rifles, has a lifetime warranty. This is a GREAT rifle to keep an eye on!

Be safe and see you next time.

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