Monday, January 14, 2013

Perfection taken a step further.

A fistful of steel......

Santa had a couple of pieces of hardware in his sack for me. Not only did he drop off my Mossberg 930, but he also was kind enough to leave me a new Glock 34. Yes, the big brother to my Glock 19. The 19 has served me well during 3-gunning, but it is for all intents and purposes a concealed carry gun with a fairly standard 4 inch barrel. The real competitors in USPSA and 3-gun either shoot all-out race guns or at the very least tricked-out G34's , double-stack 2011's, or m&p Pro's. Being a Glock shooter already, there was an obvious answer.

For an up close and personal review of my Glock 34, check out THIS VIDEO. You may not have known it (I admit I was wrong about the trigger pull) but the Glock 34 comes "competition-ready" right out of the box. Here are some of the upgrades you're getting with the 34:

  • 5.25" slide length
  • Adjustable rear Glock "bar" sights
  • Smooth faced trigger with 3.5# weight-of-pull (with Glock MINUS connector)
  • Oversized mag release button
  • Extended slide release button
  • Ported slide
Next, I had a couple of quick and easy upgrades in mind. The first was a stout set of competition sights, the Warren Tactical Sevigny Sights, with a widened rear not and a skinny front serrated post. The second was a beavertail grip to improve consistency with my grip on the 34.

The best upgrade I've done however, WAS FREE! I polished the trigger bar and connector (The fabled 25 cent trigger job) and was completely AMAZED by the difference in before and after. Any Glock owner who feels competent stripping their handgun should do this immediately. I'll be spotlighting some of these mods in detail coming up on Youtube.

Be safe and see you next time.

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