Wednesday, January 23, 2013

SHOT Show 2013 Roundup and Winners

Great googly moogly...........

SHOT Show 2013 has come and gone. Attendance was at a record high. Tensions in the political arena are as high as ever. Yet, the gun industry powered on. I'll have to admit I am a little disappointed in the offerings I've seen and read about. Nothing that really gets me fired up. But a lot of solid offerings nonetheless. Magpul offered some useful new products, but nothing ground-shattering. Glock gives us a new compact .45, but nothing legendary. So, as far as winners go, I guess I'll have to just rely on "Old Faithful" Colt Mfg. to save the day.

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The two products I was most excited to see are the sub-compact weapon system, and the USMC M1911. Neither are "new" per se, but they are TOP QUALITY and bring something new to a couple of old designs.

Colt Sub-Compact Weapon System: Folding stock and short barrel on a Colt? Yes, and they did it very well. Weighs 6.7 pounds, 10.3" barrel, and a monolithic rail system. Put this one in the drool category for me.

Colt USMC M1911:  Many active marines are carrying this amazing sidearm already. But now Colt will release the USMC 1911 to the public in limited numbers. Please Santa, bring me one of these next year!

That's what caught my eye. How about you?

Be safe and see you next time.

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