Thursday, April 4, 2013

Handstop Review #3: Impact Weapons Components

Impact Weapons Components Weapon Control Mount

WHO: Impact Weapons Components (IWC) is a manufacturer of innovative AR-15 components, including sling adapters, light mounts, control mounts/grips, and slings.
WHAT: The IWC Weapons Control Mount is a small, lightweight aluminum handstop which was designed to mount directly to modular style free float rails without the need for bulky picatinny rail sections. Installation involves a small hex screw which may or may not need a small backer plate on the inside of the rail. The Handstop retails for $29 or $39 depending on which version.
WHEN: I received the IWC handstop last week after it had been backordered since January. In addition, I also installed an IWC mount-n-slot QD sling attachment.
WHERE: I installed the handstop onto my JP rifles 15.5" free float handguard on my dedicated 3-gun rifle. I was able to use the handstop for about 120 rounds while zeroing the rifle and shooting some steel targets last weekend.
  • The Skinny: I'm a big fan of innovation in the AR platform. The Stoner rifle has been around for over 50 years, but has really taken off in the past decade with the explosion of aftermarket customization. I think IWC is really doing some exciting things when it comes to AR innovation. I am moving away from "quad rails" as they are just unnecessarily heavy and I don't use the rail space. The IWC is a perfect solution, since it gives me a small lightweight control point (handstop) and attaches directly to the handguard. This is low profile, comfortable, and sturdy. This was my only gripe with the Gear Sector handstop as I have to use a picatinny rail section to mount it and the sharp edges are uncomfortable. The IWC unit defeats that problem. They make mounting solutions for many different handguards. I'm also a big fan of the Haley Strategic light mounts. The IWC unit is a bit pricey considering how small it is, but it is such a refined piece, I can sort of justify the price. It also took me a while to get his piece, I ordered it about 2 months ago and it was backordered.

FINAL WORD: 7 out of 10 (preferred), with points off for price and difficulty in acquiring it. One thing that is yet to be seen is if the single hex screw is sturdy enough to keep the hand stop from rotating or moving under heavy use.

My Rating System (out of 10)
1-4: Do Not Buy. Complete or near-complete trash
5-6 : Would take for free from a friend
7: Would buy and take a flyer on/would give to a friend
8: Preferred, would happily buy
9: Preferred, would pre-order or anxiously await release
10: Must-have, would troll Equipment Exchange and/or sign up for email alerts in order to procure

Be safe and see you next time.

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