Friday, October 24, 2014

A Big Match For Me, And Check Out The New Stretch-16 Upper

As you may know, Strong-Side Tactical is located in Colorado and the guys on the Strong-Side Tactical Shooting Team are all local there. I actually live in Georgia, so I couldn't make it out to the big Noveske 3-gun match that they all shot in recently (and finished well I might add).

But I do try my best to shoot as much 3-gun down here as possible. I have been going to Covington, GA as much as I can to shoot in the Noveske Atlanta 3-gun matches hosted by the title sponsor Noveske and their shooting team (Rob Romero, Jansen Jones, James Casanova, and Janna Reeves).

First off, this is a great match and facility. This is run-and-gun 3-gun at its best. This past weekend was the Club Championship, the sort of year-end championship match, if you will. Monthly matches will go on, but this was the big one. 2-day match setup, 10 stages, huge prize tables, 130 shooters, pros included.

I had a BLAST. Literally. Below is my footage from my performance. While I certainly could have shot better, my equipment was PERFECT. And a big part of that is due to Strong-Side Tactical. All of the Shooting Team members are shooting the same upper, a "3-gun upper" of sorts, which consists of a VLTOR upper receiver, Stretch-16 Stainless Steel barrel with intermediate gas, SLR 15" Keymod free floating rail, SLR Sentry-7 adjustable gas block, and Lantac Dragon muzzle brake.

This upper is ridiculously SICK. Lightweight (Rifle weighs 6.75 pounds total), Accurate (sub-MOA at 100 yards and 1-for-1 on long steel during the match), and functions perfectly. Even with cold weather in the morning (low 40's) the intermediate gas with adjustable gas block functioned flawlessly.

So I am trying to get Strong-Side to offer it as a package. I think it is the "perfect" 3-gun upper, despite what you may see offered from the big box companies. It's lighter, more accurate, and softer shooting than anything else you can get. I'm not just biased here either, the rifle proves it every time I shoot it.

Check out my stages below and if this rifle is one that interests you, check out to get all the parts.

Be safe and see you next time.


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