Friday, October 19, 2012

Magpul announces M3 Mags shipping!

They're here. Get 'em while they're hot!!!

Magpul officially announced the new M3 5.56 magazines will be shipping in the next week or so. I profiled the new M3 mag in this blog post, including the new floor plate, gripping surface, and amber follower. Magpul reports this will be the strongest, most reliable, and most durable polymer magazine produced to date. The MSRP set forth by Magpul for the M3 will be $14.95 and will intitially be available in black. Expect the full complement of color options to be available at a later date as well as windowed versions.

Magpul will continue to produce the existing PMAG, calling it the PMAG GEN M2 MOE. Prices for the non-windowed and windowed versions will drop to $12.95 and $15.95 respectively.

Expect a full feature on the new M3 mag as soon as the delivery truck arrives at Strongside Tactical. I will have an in-depth blog feature as well as several YouTube video features. Stay tuned. These are exciting looking mags!

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