Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Is Colt buying LWRC a good thing?

"The Colt PDW": Coming to an FFL near you.....
So news came out last week the Colt was buying out LWRC. I think it is really an interesting development from the nation's largest maker of military firearms and the standard bearer for AR-15's. Why would Colt do such a thing? LWRC is a piston rifle company. Why did LWRC start making DI rifles lately? Hey, wait a minute.............

I believe what this says about Colt is they are upping the ante. Most importantly, they are losing government contracts. Why in the world did they let Remington of all people, beat them for a large M4 contract, and then FN?

Also, Colt's piston design has not really taken off. Maybe its an inferior design. Who knows. But LWRC knows what it's doing when it comes to the piston design. And I think Colt knows that. Slowly but surely, the M4/AR-15 market is gravitating toward piston design. At some point, it's quite legitimate to think that a piston design will supplant the Stoner design as the standard issue rifle. Maybe Colt just stepped to the front of the line if that opportunity arises.

It is interesting to say the least. For one thing, if that PDW pictured above came with a Pony on the side, you'd see credit cards burning holes in pockets everywhere and the NFA would be even more backed up than they are already.

Be safe and see you next time.

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