Tuesday, March 25, 2014

If you're not QUAD loading, what are you waiting on?

I moved to TWINS shotgun reloading about a year ago and saw my shotgun reloading get remarkably better almost instantly. I fumbled around practicing QUAD loading at home a little and resigned myself to the fact that my hands were too small and I just wouldn't be able to pull it off.

Boy, was I wrong. Persistence pays off, and practice makes (sometimes) perfect. I picked up a few TACCOM QUALLOAD caddies and started practicing. The great thing about these caddies, are they are extremely lightweight, take up less belt-space than my DUALLOADS, and allow me to drop Twins or Quads, depending on the situation. At this point, I am hitting times about the same for twins and quads, but that's mostly due to some slight fumbling with the quads that I presume will get better with practice.

So I'm soldiering on, on the way to 8 shells-in-3-seconds reloads. So, why again are you weak hand loading?

Be safe and see you next time.

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