Friday, October 11, 2013

The LWRCi "Improved" Individual Carbine

They say competition breeds excellence. Even though a winner wasn't selected in the Army's Individual Carbine competition, we have seen some kick-ass rifles produced as a result of entries in the competition. The LWRCi M6-IC-SPR has improved an already excellent design and made darn near the perfect AR-15 rifle. Some new features include:

  • "Monoforge" Upper Reciever: The upper receiver and handguard system are one simultaneous piece, improving on strength and accuracy, and reducing weight. The 12" rail is 5% lighter!
  •  Fully Ambidextrous Lower Receiver: Equally useable for right and left handed shooters, in order to get the most out of their rifle without sacrificing functionality.
  • Spiral fluted barrel: reduced weight from the front end of the rifle where it matters most, improves cooling, and improves accuracy
  • Self-adjusting piston system: Engineered to cycle a wide range of loads in 5.56 and .223
  • Nickel coated trigger group and bolt carrier group

Without a doubt, the M6 IC-SPR is the best LWRC rifle to come down the pipeline so far. It's the perfect mix of the M6 IC and the M6 SPR, as the name would suggest. It takes the best features of each and marries them into one rifle. If you're looking for a new AR-15 that is both extremely accurate, good looking, and reliable, check the M6-IC-SPR out today at StrongSide Tactical.

Be safe and see you next time.

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